Meteor Cabernet Sauvignon 2005

Meteor Cabernet Sauvignon Perseid Napa 2005

The deliciously well aged 2005 Meteor Napa Cabernet Sauvignon is a distinguished red built-to-last for 5 – 7 more years depending upon personal tastes. Dark and inky, this Cabernet reminds me of a renowned $500+ Bordeaux blend that is lithe on the palate with a velvety smooth, well-integrated structure, round tannins, dense texture, and a long lingering finish that lasts a full 30 seconds. This is a magnificent example of some of Napa’s finest fruit crafted in a “Bordeaux” style: age-worthy, elegant, restrained tannins and alcohol. If you’re fatigued by overly sweet, fruit bomb Cabernets but you still love BIG, age-worthy Napa Cabernet this will be a thriller for you. The flavors are elegant with blackberry, currant, olive tapenade and a savory component of lightly roasted walnuts combined with a hint of tobacco leaf.

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